Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sunrise cruise at Elsemere


We spent one night at Naivasha going on a boat trip in the early morning on Lake Naivasha to photograph the birds in the area. Photographing little things flying in low light is not easy!

Pelicans at sunrise

Malachite Kingfisher
Yellow billed stork
It took the rest of the day to reach the Masai Mara National Park by car. As a speed control there will be speed humps across the highway and commercial vehicles are fitted with a special device that won't let them go over 80km/h.

Shepherd looking after his sheep
doing chores
Some colourful shops
We got to the Masai Mara National Park in time to go for a short safari before dinner.

Jackal cubs
Lion cub
Motherly love
our first cheetah
Our camp as with all our other accommodations is within the park itself. This means we don’t waste time travelling each day. This camp though is a permanent camp and Brian has just finished new bathrooms with flushing loos! The showers while looking normal haven’t had their hot water systems added yet, that is on the 'to do' list. You can still have a really warm shower, you just have to organise it in advance if you want it at a different time of day than after the afternoon game drive. After a day of dust and being in the sun, after the last game drive is the best time. The “mess tent” where we eat and sit is huge. All the tents including furniture are made back at Brian’s manyeta (house). He employs about 60 Kenyans all in all. They are currently making new chairs for the sitting area.

There are two cooks here who have been with Brian for years and the meals are delicious. I’m not used to three courses a night, so I have stopped having soup and dessert each night and felt much better for it.

It started raining just as we pulled into camp

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