Friday, 19 September 2014

Was that good for you dear?

Masai Mara 

First thing this morning we caught up with the Rekero Pride as they have six cubs. It was difficult to get any good shots as they were playing in the bushes. 

So we went in search for a mating pair and found them with the Serena Pride. We photographed the mating pair twice. They mate for four days and this was their second. They do it in intervals of about half an hour to begin with but apparently the frequency dwindles as the days go by. Neither of them look like they are enjoying themselves and towards the end - she says "enough" and bites him.

I don't know, it just doesn't look that enjoyable!

the short cut out of the river, was straight up!
We were so close to this elephant, I couldn't shoot it, Lindsay had to use the 70-200mm.

Two wildebeest fighting - a rare sight

We found a leopold in a tree and could see it briefly, but there were too many large rocks to go in and even if we had, we wouldn’t have been able to photograph it. This is the season for babies, we have seen quite a number of warthog piglets in the past couple of days, and today we saw our first Thompson Gazelle, it would have only been about half an hour old.

Thompson Gazelle calves
There is a den of hyenas not far from camp, if we are lucky they wouldn't run back into the safety of the den when we drove past. Hyenas are one of the few animals that eat their prey alive, so they are my least favourite, that's just nasty.

Hyena cub

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