Monday, 16 January 2017

Lightroom - where do I start?

I shoot my photos in RAW which means I have to process the photos myself. If you shoot in Jpeg, the camera does it for you, but you have less control over the end result. One of my photography friends kept at me for years for not using Lightroom, so I downloaded a trial copy, had a look, got despondent and let it lapse. It's not intuitive and I gave up.

Serge Ramelli's picture of La Conciergerie in Paris

I was quite happy using Camera RAW which comes with Photoshop but felt that my pictures were lacking compared to my peers and to my friend who wanted me to switch to Lightroom. The only difference I could put this down to was Lightroom. So I had another go. This time I did some training videos on which gave me a comprehensive understanding of the library and what each part was but I was still having trouble relating it to the pictures that I took.

Somehow I found Serge Ramelli. He makes it so easy to understand; talking and showing you what to do. You can check out his Youtube channel where he has over 400 tutorials on photography. I am not surprised that he is the number channel on Lightroom worldwide. So if you want great tricks and tips on photography, Lightroom and Photoshop, then check him out: Serge Ramelli's You Tube Channel.