Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Mountain Goats

Mt Evans, CO

Last time we passed Mt Evans the mountain was closed so we were determined to make it this time. It’s the highest road in America, but we weren’t going up there for the views – we wanted to see mountain goats up close. There are usually around 20 near the summit. Day one: we saw nothing. Day two: we saw a mother with her two kids born this year and a yearling from last year. Four is better than none. We spent quite a while with them and felt really happy. It is said they usually roam between milepost 11 & 14 and sometimes at the summit. I don’t remember any grass at the summit, so am not sure why they would be up there. On our third day it had snowed overnight and there was a light sprinkling everywhere, it was 32°F/0°C at the top and no goats that we could see so we didn’t have to stand out in the cold.

The drive up and down didn’t get any easier with each trip; it is narrow with twists, turns and hairpin bends - there isn't much room for our truck with another large car.

There is a daily fee for this area which you don't need to pay if you have a national parks pass.