Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kenya: Camera gear, video and slideshows

What camera gear did we take?

Canon 1D Mk4 - a cropped sensor - which has a fast frame rate, used with a f/4 600mm lens and a f/2.8 70-200mm. (Lindsay's photos)

Canon 5D Mk3 - a full frame sensor, used with a 300mm f/4 prime lens (Jane's photos)

Canon 5D Mk2 - a full frame sensor - the frame rate is too slow for animals, so it was used with a 70-200mm for taking close ups and landscape. We wouldn't take this camera again.

A tripod that we didn't use. We either hand held or used bean bags (provided by the safari company) to rest our cameras on the car.

Video of the Masai Mara

a 9 minute video towards the end of our Masai Mara trip

Photo Slideshows:

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