16 July 2015

A perfect place for summer

We hadn't planned on coming back to Vancouver Island until our friends Leen and Debbie bought a new house and asked us to come and stay. We still had a few weeks before they took possession and decided to go onto the island early as everywhere was getting quite warm. The RV park at Westbay is the most popular place to stay as it's the closest to the city and people make bookings a year in advance, so it wasn't surprising that we couldn't get in. We found a vacancy at the next closest one at Fort Victoria. As the weather was pretty warm we wanted to be hooked up so that we could use our air conditioning. After the initial warm spell, the weather settled down to the low twenties, which was  perfect for walking and sightseeing.

Carole getting off the water taxi at Fisherman's Wharf
We caught up with our friend Carole whom we had met on our first trip in 2012. She has decided to make Victoria her base  and I can understand why, the weather is perfect here in July. We had a few hot days, otherwise most are in the mid to low 20ºC's. The first day we took the water taxi's into town from Westbay. On other days we walked in around the harbour and back or took the water taxi's back.

Floating houses at Fisherman's Wharf
There are numerous floating houses around Fisherman's Wharf and Westbay

The English Gents
During our first week, Victoria had a busker's festival. The best by far were an Australian duo who combined a comedy act with their acrobatics. It was 40ºC this day, I don't know how they held onto each other without slipping off.

Water Ballet 
The water taxi's do a water ballet show to classical music for the tourists

beautiful hanging baskets of flowers with petunia's, lobelia and alyssum all around the city
At the end of our Victoria stay, we only had to drive a few hours up the main highway to Ladysmith. Leen and Debbie's new house is about 20 minutes out of town; a secluded block that manages to hide all their neighbours and has a stunning view out to sea from either the deck or through the living room picture window. The house hasn't been renovated in a number of years which is perfect as they can make it their own, it's potential is enormous. Leen has already started painting over the mission brown weatherboards to give it a seaside feel.

View from the deck of Leen & Debbie's new house