15 February 2016

Life's a beach

It's too early for the tourists who have reserved their seats for after a leisurely breakfast
I love the sand anchor
The surf can be too dangerous for swimming sometimes

One of our favourite walks is along Los Muertos beach and then onto the Malecon.

Lots of sculptures along the Malecon (beach walk)
One of the few days the water spout was on
Sandman waiting for his chess player mate who's being made up

Most Saturday's we are down at the Farmer's Market (the tourists market). There are lots of things to try for lunch and a band plays for a while around lunchtime.

Today was just instrumental
The day before Valentine's Day, they had a singer who gave us red carnations
Brewing Tequila

Every night we hear fireworks going off around 9.30pm. It's the pirate ship pretending it's being taken over. They only let off about six a night and never at the same time, so we haven't tried to photograph them yet.

the pirate ship

Every Shrove Tuesday in Puerto Vallarta there is a Mardi Gras parade. They start down near the Sheraton at 8pm and come along one street back from the Malecon (the walkway along the beach). When I looked it up online it said they came down the Malecon so that is where we were waiting and luckily I heard a lady say that they were coming down the street and she pointed away from the beach. The main street where the traffic goes in a southern direction. Many of the shops closed just before the parade came through making it very dark to take pictures as the shutters block out any lights. I don't know if PV is the vacation gay capital of Mexico, but it certainly feels like it sometimes.

There are numerous golf courses up near the hotel zone which is about half an hour away by bus. On Thursdays there is a twilight session, which is anytime after 2pm where you can join a group and have a game. Lindsay doesn't usually play golf, while he's never as good as the others, he's only ever a few shots behind because he's one of those people who can play any ball sport with ease. He calls it, "his time". A chance to have a break from each other for a few hours, which doesn't happen very often. When we first arrived Lindsay twisted his ankles a number of times as we had walked along the cobblestone roads. After about six ankle reconstructions, he can break his ankle on just about anything, including walking on a flat footpath. During his first game of golf here, after only about four tees, he went over on his ankle and had to be taken off the course in a buggy. The second time he went, he got on what he thought was the right bus, but it took the scenic route. He kept asking the bus driver when would they get to Walmart as this is the closest landmark he knew of, the driver kept repeating soon, soon. After touring the back blocks of Puerto Vallarta for about an hour and a half he missed his game! The next time, he knew what bus to get, the one with the least writing on the front! He also spoke to the person who had been there the first time and they said his next game would be free, seeing as he hadn't been able to finish the time.

this pelican was fishing, but I only had my wide angle, so we will have to go back with a zoom lens, guess we will have to have a few more beers too

After filling up on a yummy Quesadilla at the Farmer's Market which Lindsay got to customise with all the things we love, we went down to the shoreline for a couple of beers. The waiter put my red carnation that I'd got from the singer in a glass of water and when I forgot it on leaving, he raced after us.

There were many hawkers selling their wares - food, blankets, jewellery, toys...

Hawkers on the beach sell anything and everything
and all ages...
just another day at the beach....
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