Saturday, 20 September 2014

Our first wilderbeest migration crossing

Masai Mara 

The sunrises in the Mara are just beautiful. The Mara is a land of so many personalities with stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife. People think of Africa/Kenya as a land of the big 5 but the bird life here is stunning. We were lucky enough to see another crossing today, and the apprehension in the animals could be felt. Were the wildebeest saying to themselves "is this going to be my last crossing?" We all have seen the wildlife shows with the crocs taking animals as they cross and if a croc is there it just increases the panic in the herd. It's something that has to be seen. In reality, not many are taken by crocodiles, it is often the scrambling up the banks that breaks a leg.

Superb Starling 
Elephant calf

Bee Eater

The wildebeest went right down to the river and we really thought they would cross, but of course because we had the perfect spot and were ready, they turned around at the last minute and went back. They do it all the time, but never so close. In the afternoon we got word that they were back down by the river again and got there for the last five minutes. Yay!

Wildebeest gather for the crossing
yep, time to go!

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