Monday, 15 September 2014

Carrying with care

Masai Mara

We went down to the river crossing as we had heard that the Wildebeest were down there, and they were. They just didn't want to cross for whatever reason. This is quite normal. They are either very skittish or indecisive, I'm not sure which.

I'm hoping the Ostrich can't see me, but I can't see him either
We watched a male lion walk into a marsh area where he kept himself cool while being able to look out and leap at any unsuspecting passer by. We saw an ostrich coming but it passed on the other side and the wind was blowing towards the ostrich, so he may have smelled the lion as he slowed down and walked very carefully. I don’t think the lion ever realised he was there.

Hyenas mating
No quick mating for these guys, it went on and on and on...

Suddenly everyone was rushing to an area near the other river. Two lionesses had taken down a wildebeest and one was pulling it apart and trying to drag it up a hill into the bushes but it was just too big for her. She then went up into the bushes and brought down six cubs who came out to play and eat. They all went down to a little stream to drink. A number of times one of the mother’s would pick up her cub in her mouth to carry it. They were the Serena pride.

Very special moment

a bit safer to get water from here than the river where the crocodiles are


Six warthog piglets, their survival rate is not good

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