Thursday, 18 September 2014

My new favourite cat

Masai Mara 

We saw leopold out in open for the first time! Her name is Bahati, daughter of Olive who is very well known as she was on Big Cat diaries a BBC series, but unfortunately, no longer alive. Bahati was on one side of the ravine at first, then crossed over to the other side. We had to rush over to the other side going through the Rekero river crossing that Lindsay has nicknamed Toyota crossing. He doesn’t think Toyotas would make in the wet as it’s very steep and slippery. We, of course are in a Landrover which is the go anywhere car, we are only just slightly biased! This isn’t just his opinion though, all the guides agree that Toyotas get bogged here in the wet. It was quite exhilarating as we rushed over to get a good spot to be able to photograph her, sometimes you are in the right place, other times you aren't and of course, and even if you are - the animals move! Leopolds have the most amazing whiskas and have become my favourite cat. They are very elusive so seeing them is a real treat.

going across to the other side

this group had just finished a balloon ride and we sitting down to breakfast
We had morning tea in lots of different places, quite a few times  down on the river with the hippos and crocodiles. Today I asked if we could stop near a group of giraffes. There was this baby who had a gorgeous mane.

 We only saw one pair of side striped jackals, they are not the most common species of jackal.

Side striped Jackal

Two common jackals are finishing a kill from someone else

Malachite Kingfisher
The orange billed ox pecker clean the bufallo
We found a cheetah that jumped up on the back spare tyres of the car in front of us. The tail was inside the car at one stage as they didn’t have the roof on, and was hitting the guy in the back seat - he was petrified. We had heard that they do this but had never actually seen it. While cheetahs won't kill you, they could swipe a paw in your direction very easily. Brian tells his guides to discourage the cats by starting the engine but this was another company in front of us and they obviously don't get Brian's messages.

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