Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lion Brother's bonding

Masai Mara 

We went in search of the leopold and her cub but we couldn’t find either of them. We then saw a female lion chasing off a male lion. Rather than have to deal with a whole pride, he ran off. The lioness was making a very distressing sound but we weren’t sure why. 

We then came across two brother lions who were sitting next to each other and displayed the most beautiful bonding behavior, our photos really don't show what we saw. It was an amazing experience. Later on, another six females and a couple of young male lions joined them.

Topi’s stand on termite mounds with their back to the afternoon sun, so they are never in the best position to photograph them. They look like they are watching out for predators, but I’m sure their eyes are closed and they are really just snoozing.

Eland calf
As we approached a group of Elands, they jumped over a stream. Apparently they can jump three metres into the air. They are a striking antelope that looks like it’s wearing socks on it’s front legs.

Eland family
Bee Eater

This afternoon we went looking for the double cross pride and found them asleep except for one male lion. We moved on to a cheetah which was stalking a herd of wildebeest but it was just taunting them. We found a leopold but it was asleep behind some bushes. Then just before we drove into camp we saw a hyena with two cubs, unfortunately we had the left hand side of the flaps down due to the rain, so didn’t manage to capture both of them before one darted back into the den.

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