Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Waterfalls and walking trails

Waterton Lakes Part 2

Waterton has a lot of walking trails of which we did: part of Cameron Lakeshore because it became impassable due to flooding, Akamina Lake, Crandell Lake off the Akamina Parkway, Forum Falls and campsite which is on The Wall trail, and Blakiston Falls. The day before we left we were going to Bertha falls but a thunderstorm squashed that idea. They give you a great map showing all the walking trails, with a description, elevation, estimated time and length. So we would start our day early looking for the sow and cubs and then go off and do a walk, go back to our campsite during the day, have dinner at lunchtime and come back before dusk to look for the bears again.

 Canada Day fell in the middle of our stay which brought warm sunny days and lots of people, I think it’s the start of their holiday season.

Lindsay went back to the hotel to find out why he didn’t get a reply from his complaint and we were asked to come back ‘on the house’ so to speak. Our experience was a lot better this time but I think they are still having issues in the kitchen as Lindsay had asked for mashed potato and it came out with wild rice which was easily fixed, and my steak was overcooked but the mushroom sauce on it was wonderful. Two tables around us had issues too and we overheard that a large table had put stress on the kitchen. 

The weather had warmed up considerably since we arrived but it was just too busy. We will come earlier next time.

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