Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer oasis

Blind Bay, BC, Canada

Running around, getting up early and photographing animals gets a bit tiring. Guy was going to his cabin with Ann (Karl's wife) and the kids, at Blind Bay in BC and invited us along; it turns out that some R&R with friends was just what we needed. They have a little fisherman’s cottage right on the lake, one of a small group so you really need to get on well with your neighbours, which fortunately they do! Everyone turns up for a chat and a drink or you catch up with them. There was a lot of relaxing to be had and only a little bit of sightseeing. We of course brought our own house along, so we didn't need to squeeze in.

Rick, the only one who lives there full time has a float plane in the front of his house (as you do!). He took Lindsay up on a 3-hour trip around the area. What a fantastic opportunity! Rick got my email before they left so that I could track where they were on my iPad, it makes you wonder how they manage to lose a large airliner.

I can understand why Guy’s wife Shirley spends the whole summer there, as it’s so peaceful. There is something about reading a book by water that instantly relaxes you.

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