Monday, 30 April 2012

The Wild West

Monument Valley, UT

It was a fair drive from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley and the campground in the park was closed for an upgrade for the whole season, so we were forced to stay at the RV park. Definitely not value for money, it really affects how you view a place. $25 for a patch of dirt and sub standard rest rooms. It was really windy so we had to keep the doors closed or we would have had red sand over everything. Lindsay was tired, so we didn’t get down to the Monument for sunset and as it was six miles away, I couldn’t walk.

We set the alarm to be there at 6:30 the next morning to get some sunrise pictures. There is a drive around the park to take you passed all the buttes which we did in record time as Lindsay didn’t take any notice of the 10 mph sign! Unfortunately the main picture that everyone recognizes as Monument Valley is best shot at sunset, not sunrise.


Due to the fact we hated our campground, neither of us wanted to stay another night. This area is on Navajo land, so you can’t free camp anywhere even if you found a spot. Entrance into the park is $5pp per day, so make sure you check the opening and closing times of the park. It is also on Mountain time which observes DST which Arizona doesn’t, which can put you out by an hour. 

We need to go back here and get some better photos!

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