Friday, 27 April 2012

Sedona, AZ

The next day we went into Sedona and it poured with rain as predicted. We just window shopped and did the coffee thing. Being a rainy day we decided to drive to a few other towns such as Cottonwood and Jerome.

Lindsay had heard that there was a nice bread shop in Cottonwood, while trying to find it we went into a wine and chocolate shop. We had lots to talk about as Dana loves Australia and actually wants to emigrate there.We didn't get out of there for quite some time, tasting both chocolates and wines at 9:30 in the morning! The next thing we know we were invited to dinner the following night to meet some of Dana's friends and her husband. We had a terrific night, it's these sort of moments that make travelling so great.

We had been speaking to a professional photographer at sunset the previous night who was taking a group to Page (Antelope Canyon) the next day and then onto Sedona the day after. I wondered why they were going to Sedona for photography. Now I know. There are some great rock formations and it is a very pretty town.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona at sunset
We found a road that would take us to a good vantage point outside the state park as it closed before sunset

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