Saturday, 28 April 2012

Grand Canyon - take 2

Back up to the Grand Canyon and the weather was a lot better. For some reason entrance was free which meant that the camping grounds were full. We decided to try our luck anyway and they found a site which had an ‘a’ and a ‘b’ section, which means that you basically share a site and it has two entrances. I will be asking for another site next time. Our neighbours were from Frankston, Melbourne and New Zealand! Two guys travelling for a few months in an old Volvo with suspect steering before they went to find jobs in Canada.What a great thing to do.

Grand Canyon
We hiked one and a half miles (3 return) of the Bright Angel trail. And of course as far as you go down, you have to come up – at 7,000 feet! It really tests your lungs. There are lots of switchbacks and we had to stop every second one to catch our breath.The boys from Frankston did the 6 mile return, but they were half our age! It was well worth it. There were lots of people coming up from the canyon floor who had been rafting down the river, they were exhausted!

our first squirrel, when we thought they were cute!
The rest of the day was devoted to washing and showers. We had collected some wood on the way in so we were able to have a fire over the next two nights which was really nice. There is also a great movie on the Grand Canyon at the visitors centre. Car park 4 is a lot less crowded, you can drive around and around in car parks 1-3 and not find a spot, and it’s actually closer to walk to the visitor centre

so much better with the sun out

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