Monday, 28 April 2014

Surely it couldn't get any colder

Laramie, Wyoming

We are on our way to Utah to have a few warranty issues fixed on our trailer. We must be quite high as it’s snowing. The nighttime forecast was for -5C, so we got our sleeping bags out as they are rated to -4C. The wind howled around us all night – it’s a horrible place. Lindsay asked the girl in Walmart if it’s always this warm, to which she replied yes – and she was wearing a t-shirt! There were warning signs all along the highway to alert drivers with light trailers not to proceed because of 50+ wind gusts – too late if you didn’t take any notice of the first one. We are pretty heavy, even more so with a full tank of water as we knew we would be dry camping the night. Even so, we were pushed sideways more than a few times. 

The wind was mainly head on, so our fuel economy was crap. One of the reasons Lindsay decided to stop is that he didn’t want to fill up twice in one day! We left our new heater on low for most of the night until I got too warm as it kept the trailer at 9C, now that it’s been off for a few hours it got down to 1C. The daytime temperature in Draper is forecast for around 20C for the next few days, so that is something to look forward to. Today isn’t any better, the wind is still howling and snow is flying around. Who’s idea is this? Lindsay has read that the bears are out and about in the Grand Tetons, it’s a pretty strong drawcard.

Today we got caught in a traffic jam and the detour route was too far, so we kept going. A semi-trailer had driven up the back of a tanker on a 6% decline and there was oil all over the road. There was nothing left of the driver cab of the second semi - hope he survived (we saw them transferring the load at the bottom of the hill).

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