Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bandelier, New Mexico

An hour and a half north west of Santa Fe is the Bandelier National Monument. There are walking trails that take you to the Ancestral Pueblo villages dating back to the 13th Century. Most of the dwellings are now in ruin but you still see the outline of many of them and see that the small rooms were for storing food, other rooms were bedrooms and the Kiva’s for meeting places. 

The visitor centre hosts a talk and movie about the park to give people a better understanding of how they lived their lives. A class from one of the local schools was there and the kids really knew their history and we able to answer all the ranger’s questions. There are a number of cliff dwellings along the main trail, then another trail leads to the Alcove house which is reached by climbing four wooden ladders that span 140 feet to the top.

Alcove House (inside)
Looking down from Alcove house

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