Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Albuqueque, New Mexico

We are on a time limit as we need to have some warranty work on our trailer before the 12 months is up, so have booked it in at Draper, UT for the 1st May. We have devised a quick trip into New Mexico just to see what it’s like – mainly Santa Fe and Taos, with Colorado Springs tacked on the end. We will only stay in Albuquerque for a short time. We arrived at the High Desert RV Park without a reservation and someone was leaving early, so we just got a spot.  It's a fairly nice park and we would stay here again.

We transferred our AT&T contract phone over to a Verizon prepaid, having already got a Verizon jetpack (wifi) for our data when we were in CA. Even though using a smartphone as a personal hotspot was easier, it locked us into a $40 mobile plan that we just didn’t use. Lindsay found a guy who makes up rubber hoses and sends them all around the country. 

We will now be able to use our smaller gas heater in places like Yellowstone without guzzling through LPG (propane) at a rate of knots. He also replaced the hose to our Weber Q as the one from camping world had a leak in it and the new one he bought the other day was stiff and hard, so he returned it and got the guy to make up a soft hose. 

We love the way you can return something without the docket and they can look up your previous transactions from anywhere in the country. We did our usual shop at Costco, stocking up on chicken filets that are individually cryovaced for about $5kg - they are about $15kg at home!

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