Sunday, 6 November 2016

A Princess Castle

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The bus from Madrid to Segovia takes about an hour. But when we got there I had no idea what direction to take as I'd forgotten to look where our hotel was on a map. Leaving Lindsay with our bags I went in search of the Tourist office which ended up being halfway to our hotel. Our hotel was in the old part of town which you cannot drive to, so you have to pull your cases up the hill along the cobbled streets which I'm sure doesn't do the wheels any good. The hotel turned out to have quite a celebrity past and they had many photos on the foyer walls of their famous guests such as Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Michael Douglas and many more. 

Cathedral in Segovia

Segovia only lights up it's monuments on weekend nights and we managed to get some pictures of the cathedral just before it started to rain. It was about 10°C cooler than Madrid, with only a high of 4°C during the day which was freezing. The town is easy to navigate and unlike Madrid, I never got lost. All the places I wanted to visit were within walking distance of our hotel, so I was really pleased with the location I'd chosen. It is a walled city which sits high on top of a hill. Much of the wall is still in place and there is a walking trail around part of it. When I posted our itinerary on Trip Advisor asking for comments as I was at a complete loss when it came to inspiration for Spain, someone said, why do you want to go to Segovia? I'm glad I didn't take any notice of them as it was one of my favourite towns.

The town of Segovia
Segovia is known for it's aqueduct that incidentally has survived earthquakes
Alcázar - Royal Palace
We went down on Monday night to photograph the Alcázar but it wasn't lit up.

Segovia still has four gates (puerto) that used to be the only entrances to the town

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