Monday, 14 November 2016

A Moorish Palace

Granada, Spain

Our fifth town in Spain was Granada. We are getting to the stage that we have done enough sightseeing but Granada is well known for its Moorish Citadel and Palace called the Alhambra. I had read that it gets 5,000 visitors a day and that they only allow a certain number of people to go in. Wow, it must be good. There were threads that said you needed to be at the ticket office at 6am in the morning. Who wants to stand in line at 6am? We were there in November which is not peak season by any means but could we take the chance? I looked online and there were no tickets available for our first day and only afternoon tickets for the second but when I tried to purchase them, it wouldn't go through. I found a post on TripAdviser that said that Australian credit cards didn't work and as you had to produce the card that you had paid with at the entrance, I didn't try our American one as we didn't have it with us. Our hotel suggested we go to the tourist office to get tickets and he directed us to a little place through a courtyard passed the church where we could get tickets. If he hadn't shown us a picture of the outside of the courtyard, I think we would have walked right passed it. The Alhambra is made up of many parts and you need a specific time allocated to the Nasrid Palace. Late comers will not be allowed in. We told the lady we wanted to go tomorrow and she asked whether we wanted morning or afternoon. So even though morning ones had not been available online, we were able to get them and the machine accepted our credit card.

The door we went through

Like most fortresses, it was built up on a hill. There are a number of entrances and we just followed other people through the first doors. No tickets needed as yet. The place is huge. There are audio guides in many languages on Galaxy phones so you got a few pictures to go with each section too. We got one each, though it was a bit hard taking pictures and concentrating on what they were saying as it was a bit dry.

Detail on the outside of a building
More detail
Amazing views of the city outside the windows
Incredible detail everywhere
this is a ceiling
There is a lot to see here and most people spend about three hours, so we brought some food with us as there is nothing to buy there.

Great views of Granada

Enclosed garden
On our way back to our hotel, Lindsay rolled his ankle while walking half on the pavement and half on the road. It put him out of action for over a week. Eating became restricted to places close by so that he only had minimal walking.

A nice place for a hot day

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