14 May 2016

Showering when your tanks are dry

We were going to fill up with water when we arrived at Oregon Inlet but we couldn't find the dump station, it turns out, it's down the road at the marina. We decided to set up camp without filling up. We had enough to get by but not enough for showers. So we resorted to our solution that we use camping in the bush at home.
  • Fill a bucket with water, from a tap or the river. 
    • Pour some of the water into a kettle and boil it on the stove or fire. 
    • When hot, tip it back into the bucket, and mix it in.
  • Repeat the previous two steps until the water is the right temperature. It usually only takes two kettles. 
  • Take it into the shower and use a small saucepan with a side handle to pour the warm water over yourself.
  • In the bush we use a 12V shower, the pump sits in the bucket and the showerhead fits onto a shower tent or a window on the car
Of course there are times when you have no water except for drinking and cooking, like when we travel for a week or two across the Simpson Desert. There are no towns and no petrol stations, zip, just you and the sand dunes. Scented baby wipes are the next best alternative.

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