Thursday, 19 May 2016

Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg Virginia

Williamsburg is a colonial town, a couple of blocks in the centre of town have been blocked off to traffic. There are numerous free long and short-term carparks dotted around the perimeter. People are dressed up in period costume and talk as though they are still living in that period, sometimes giving a history of the town. It’s probably the only town in America who still love the English!

Booking for busy periods

Graduation Weekend

This weekend is graduation weekend, where relatives come from all around to see their grandchildren etc graduate from school. No such pomp and ceremony like this happens at home, it’s nice to see that some traditions still continue, especially ones that involve the whole family. For us, it meant that we couldn’t get a site at the RV park in Charlottesville on the Friday night, luckily we had booked the next two nights last week when we worked out what days would suit Wells and Dana to catch up. We found a nice county park near the Chickahominy river about 12 miles where we had been the night before. Lindsay loved the short drive, but he better not get used to it, I doubt you will ever have that short a distance again!

Wells, Dana, Jane & Lindsay

We had a great night catching up with Wells & Dana, and meeting Dana's parents. We hadn't seen them for two years, so it was the first time we met Fern, everyone would want a little girl like her, she's just a delight.

Memorial Day Weekend

When we booked Washington DC, we couldn’t get in on the Saturday of the memorial weekend, so we have to add days to Shenandoah national park. Going onto their website they are all booked out, but there were a few walk up sites, so we rang them. They assured us it isn’t that busy during the week, so we should be okay getting a site for the whole week, including the Memorial day weekend. Memorial day is a big thing over here. It’s the start of the school holidays, and a long weekend. American’s don’t get many public holidays, so they all make the most of them when they get them and that means booking up campsites months in advance. We have always been in Yellowstone or just leaving on this weekend, so have never needed to worry about it. We know about it but we still forget.

Summer Holidays

Summer holidays start and finish at different times throughout the country. Where we at the moment they start on Memorial Day weekend and go for a few months. It's weird to think they end their school year in the middle of the year, when we finish in December. Friday and Saturday nights are always busy most weekends, but the weeks start to get busy too during this period. Therefore we need to look ahead and start booking or we may find ourselves out in the cold. 

While over in the west you can often stay overnight in a Walmart (if they allow it), but over on the east coast it's not a good idea. Luckily I saw a comment about crime in a Walmart in Richmond, VA, where we were thinking of staying. Two men would knock on your door in the middle of the night, say you couldn't stay and then rob you at gunpoint when you opened the door. Being in a 5th Wheel, we can't just jump into the driver seat and leave. Scary stuff. It turns out that Richmond has only just been superseded by Detroit as the murder capital of the US! Luckily I found a county campground in Williamsburg for a much safer night. 

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