Sunday, 22 March 2015

Quaint Arizona Towns

On Sunday we went up to an old mining town called Crown King for lunch, calling into the town of Cleator for a drink along the way. Blink and you would miss it. There is a general store, a pub with a Surf bar out the back, yes seriously. The rest of the town is a bit rundown with mobile homes, quaint but not somewhere I'd want to stay for very long. It's a long, narrow dusty drive about 10 miles off the bitumen.

Lindsay, Michele and Bill outside the General Store

The inside of the bar has dollar notes stapled all over the walls with comments from travellers from all around the world, a bit like the pub at William Creek in the South Australian outback.

Cleator Pub
Lindsay & Bill had to have a beer

Make sure you fill up well before hand
the road to Crown King
Quad bikes are the main form of transport up here
Up on the hill we had lunch at the Mill Bar & Grill, really the only place in town to eat. You can get some food at the Prospector, but ambiance is lacking.

Surprisingly the Mill is not an old building, it just looks it. They have built it out of recycled materials to be authentic and not be out of place up here amongst the pines. Inside you will find a huge huge stamp press that would have come out of one of the mines around here. Some of the decor, walls and floor are a bit too authentic and need fixing badly! It had quite an extensive menu, with of course the mandatory array of hamburgers - I don't think we have been to a restaurant that does not have them on the menu, would they go out of business if they don't offer them? Even the Mexican restaurant had them!

On the way back we stopped so that I could get some pictures of the pretty Pin Cushion Cacti. Spring is a great time to see the flowers everywhere.

Pin Cushion Cactus

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