Thursday, 19 March 2015

Parading around in Cave Creek, AZ

We meet quite a few people on our travels and try and keep in touch as much as we can. Catching up again can be difficult, especially if both of you are on the road, and with our plans forever changing, sometimes it's impossible. It's much easier if the friends we are trying to catch up with are stationary. Bill and Michele whom we met in Fairbanks in 2013 and caught up with again in Salinas last year have been asking us to join them in Arizona. They have an ideal set up. Friends they met while camp hosting decided to buy a house near Cave Creek (just north of Phoenix) and set up a private RV park in the back yard. They have 4 permanent spots that the same people return to each winter and one that is rented out to friends who drop by to catch up. All have full hook ups. It's ideal in that it's not out in the boonies, so you can actually do a lot of things.

We arrived on St Patrick's day and they had an Irish pot luck with neighbours and friends - the menu consisted of Irish Stew (my memories from Grade 7 Home Economics luckily were not the same!), a medley of cabbage and potatoes, corned beef and a variety of desserts. If you weren't wearing anything green, you got a green necklace, if you did, you got a gold one. Lynette gave us a fun quiz all to do with St Patrick who it seems was a rich Englishman who went to Ireland to spread religion. They all ate Irish stew, corned beef, cabbage and potatoes because it was cheap; The colour green comes from the shamrock or Ireland’s rolling hills; the first St P’s day was celebrated in Boston, while NY is the biggest; they dunked the shamrock in their Guinness at the end of the night; they drink on St P’s day because...? there were a few other tit-bits but as I was drinking champagne, they escape me!

On the Saturday, there was a parade in Cave Creek, so we took chairs and sat on the roadside to join in the fun. We never go to parades at home, too much of a hassle in a big city, but being in a small town was easy.

Sheriff Joe
60 Minutes in Australia did a story on Sheriff Joe a number of years ago. He's the one who doesn't put up with any nonsense in his jails. Pink underwear for both male and females, religion and documentaries are the only channels on the TV, he put some of them in tents telling them that if the soldiers in Afghanistan could handle it, so could they. He's reduced the cost of feeding the inmates by making them grow their own food, the list goes on. The world needs more people like him!

they love their horses here

After the parade we wandered around Cave Creek which pretty touristy....

the touristy bit

Balsamic and Olive Oil shop

Michele reluctantly having her picture taken

the touristy bit

Lindsay took the opportunity to have our trailer detailed. The detailers are going to get a number new jobs from all the other people in our RV park they were all so impressed by the job they did. It costs $8 per foot, they can only do one per day it is so labour intensive: SharpShine

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