13 June 2013

Grand Teton National Park, WY

Now our journey could begin. Next stop Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming.

One of our favourite campgrounds is Gros Ventre in the Grand Tetons and it hardly ever fills up, so we knew there would be a vacancy and there was. We went looking for the moose again, but didn’t find her or her new baby. This time we were treated to warm days with blue skies, birds singing in the trees and cold nights. Our large picture window at the back of the trailer gave us a wonderful view of trees and shrubs.

Backing for the first time into our campsite was a bit challenging. Lindsay is an excellent trailer backer in a right hand drive vehicle, but it will take some practice to be as good sitting on the opposite side of the car.

You can use a generator in this park so we were able to test ours but found that it didn’t power anything inside. Had they installed a converter? He wasn’t looking forward to driving 11 hours there and back or the fuel bill. Luckily we had mobile and internet connection here and had to wait until the next morning for Lindsay to ring the service department back in Draper who explained where the converter was and suggested that maybe a wire had come loose. Lindsay had to take the back undercarriage off the trailer and found that none of the three wires had been connected at all. He was not happy as this was blatant incompetency. Lucky he is someone that is willing to get his hands dirty and knew sort of what he was doing, and only one screw left after reassembly!  

Jackson isn’t far down the road, so we drove back there a couple of times to do supermarket shops, checked out our favourite local bakery, walked around the town and filled up with fuel without the trailer.

Next stop, Yellowstone. Connecting the trailer to the hitch is apparently easier than connecting our previous camper at home – bonus...

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