Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Skyline Drive, CO

We were feeling a bit hot so decided we needed to head to higher altitudes, so we found a drive that headed north: the skyline scenic road in Colorado. From the Mesa Verde, you head east to Durango, a really pretty town with a lovely French bakery. We found a campground in the San Juan National Park at Haviland Lake, which is a very pretty area but the mozzies are ferocious at night! It might have have had something to do with the creek that ran behind our campsite… gee, do you think?

The drive from Durango to Silverton is spectacular, if a little scary. The road has no shoulder and the drop is steep and long. Along the way we read about the avalanches valleys they have and how the road can be impassable in winter. They liken it to a mini Switzerland with the mountains and pine trees.

you could be in Switzerland!

Silverton is an old wild west town that used to be full of saloons and bordellos for the miners. We boondocked at South Mineral a few miles out of town for a couple of days and went back in on Friday night to watch the Gun Fight and have dinner. We met an 80 year old woman travelling alone in her Class B motorhome, we were impressed!

The section between Silverton and Ouray is called the Million Dollar Highway because of the 25 miles of steep twisty road. Ouray is also a pretty town nestled in between steep mountains.

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