Thursday, 21 June 2012

Black Canyon National Park, CO

The only reason we visited this park was because it was on the way and as it was up high we thought it would be cool, not so. While we were cooking dinner, a white tail deer came through our campsite and started eating a few metres away from us, which was pretty special. 

The campground was pretty full as a touring/camping group of motorcyclists were on their way for a monthly reunion, they come from all around the country.

We did one of the drive loops the next morning, but the scenery wasn't very photogenic. The canyon walls are black/grey of course which makes it very boring.

Back down to normal altitudes and it's 40ºC at 7pm. It's too hot for us.

We had heard that there was a balloon festival in Panguich, so we headed over there. Unfortunately though, it was too windy and they weren't able to fly. Apparently, the best balloon festival is in Albuquerque, New Mexico in early October where there are hundreds of balloons of all shapes and sizes. We camped in King Creek campground, a state forest park near the Tropic Reservoir. It's a lovely campground but a bit of a hike from Panguich so we had to get up early to be there at 6am for the balloon take off. We found where we needed to be but it was cancelled due to the winds picking up, it has to be very still.

This was just the show and tell part of the festival

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