11 August 2017

Rise and Shine, extremely early

We have been to Canyonlands before and stayed at Horsethielf campground as it's the only one near the park that we can fit our trailer in. Lindsay hadn’t photographed Mesa Arch and he really wanted to, so this was an absolute must stop on this trip. Yes, I know it’s landscape, even men can change their minds - it's the challenge of getting a good sunrise, hopefully with the sun peeping through and the rock being lit up.

Mesa Arch which you need to get to an hour or so before sunrise to get a spot as it's a very popular site.

We tried a sunset at Green River but were disappointed again as the clouds covered what would have been a nice sunset. We were rewarded with a double rainbow though.We have been to Green River twice now and both times there have been storms.

Three 4am early starts for sunrises wears you down. I went twice to Mesa Arch and the third time I went to Dead Horse Point in the state park right next to Canyonlands. Lindsay dropped me off and I waited there by myself in the dark, while he went back to Mesa Arch again. I thought I’d try a few star shots but was perplexed as to why my shots were so black, then realised that my lens cap was still on; see what sleep depravation can do. Then I noticed some meteor showers behind me, they weren’t showers as such but single shooting stars, I think the showers happen earlier on in the morning. I could hear some cars come into the carpark and hoped that whoever they were, they didn't come in my direction as I was feeling very vulnerable.

waiting for sunrise

the sun doesn't rise over this section of the park at this time of year

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