Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Most Famous Falls

Niagara Falls, NY & ON

Horseshoe Falls from the Canadian side

We chose a state campground on the Ontario Lake on the American side, just north of the falls as the weather was a few degrees cooler than anywhere south, but it was still hot.

Late in the afternoon the heavens opened and I’ve never welcomed rain so much. The past couple of days have been hot and humid. 34°C/98°F and 55% humidity. Just a short walk down to the edges of the Ontario Lake was an effort. We couldn’t get an electric site for our first night as it was the weekend, but we were able to move the next morning.

Rainbow Falls from the Canadian Side

The first day we drove over the border to see the falls. There is a $3.50 per vehicle toll and we had an easy border crossing with just a few questions: what is your registration number and when are you leaving? Lindsay said a date that had already passed – oops. Border crossings are always nerve racking. As it was a Sunday it was really busy but I wanted to get an idea of where we should take some photos later that night as they have a light show and then fireworks on Sundays. After dinner we drove back in and parked on the American side as the parking was easier and less congested. We paid a flat rate so we didn’t have to worry if we had purchased the right amount of time. You just walk across Rainbow Bridge and go through Canadian customs. The line was quite long and it took about half an hour to get through and we missed sunset. The easiest crossing we have ever done though as he didn’t ask us a thing. The area around the falls was even busier than during the day and we had to try and set up our tripod. It was actually quite hard taking photos with the lights on as parts of them kept blowing out. We did manage to get all the falls though, Rainbow and Bridal veil on the US side and Horseshoe on the Canadian side. The Canadian side is definitely the best side to view them. The fireworks were even harder to photograph as they were quite smokey, which must have been the humidity.

Horseshoe Falls at night

Lindsay nearly didn’t bring his wallet, but luckily he did because you need two US quarters to get back into the US side. There is a change machine that takes $1 & $5 notes but no ATM. I don’t know why they bother.

Rainbow Falls at night

On another day we walked from Rainbow Falls around to Horseshoe Falls on the US side. We looked down on all the people walking around in their yellow ponchos getting wet under Rainbow Falls. When we got to Horseshoe, it was like it was raining and we were still a fair away from the actual falls.

and the colours change

Rainbow from the American side

A different view - Rainbow Falls

Fireworks can be seen on Friday & Sunday nights
Cave of the winds - these people pay to be drenched. They are all wearing yellow ponchos hoping they won't get wet
Tower on the Canadian Side
Maid of the Mist tour - even we were getting wet and we were up higher


4 Mile Creek State Park, Youngstown


  1. Spectacular shots of the falls! Good to know that the Canadian side is the best for viewing.

    1. thank you Laurel, I tried a new technique. I didn't have my tripod for the day shots on the first day, so took 10 photos and scripted them in Photoshop. I still think you need to do both sides to get the whole experience

    2. Great shots Jane, have always wanted to go day! Wrt scripting, have a look at this camera :) LM

  2. DON'T Miss the jet boat ride that starts downstream a bit on the Canadian (in Niagra?)

    1. Sorry Fred, we didn't do it. I'm sure you would get soaking wet!

  3. So glad you got to see the falls!!