Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Going to the dentist in Mexico

Mittry Lake Yuma

Dentist in Los Algodones?

If you are thinking of going to the dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico

Here are some things you might want to know…these are based on our experience

How do I get there?

From Yuma travel along the I-8 going towards San Diego, turn left at the Los Algodones sign. Quechan casino is on the corner. Go down this road until you can see the border crossing ahead of you. There is a parking lot to the right, turn into these gates and drive around to the entry booth. In 2015 the fee for parking is $6, cash.

You then just walk across the border. No-one will ask for your passport on entry, but you will need it to come back into the USA. Towards the end of the day, the line to come back in can be quite long, so try and make an appointments as early as possible. Part of the walkway is undercover, but take a hat.

Where do I stay?

You have a few choices, either a motel/hotel in Yuma or in Los Algodones; or

If have an RV: Yuma has many RV parks, or you can dry camp in the Casino for $10 for 3 nights. There is an RV park on the road to the border. Since the Casino started charging, most people have just moved down the road to boondock.
The back of the Quechan casino

Who do I see?

You can just walk into any dentist as a walk in, but the best ones may be booked out. Try and get a referral from a friend. The first time I went there I just walked into one dentist and got an appointment straight away. They charge more and did a lousy job of cleaning my teeth. What’s more they said I had 5 fillings without taking x-rays – I got a second opinion from Erika. She did x-rays and I didn’t have any fillings – so it pays to be careful.

We went to Erika Medina

Tel: (658) 517-7866

1st Street Suite 101 Flamingo’s plaza, Los Algodones BC, Mexico

www.medinadentalcare.com - you can organise an appointment via email.

Their surgery works on Yuma time zone, not Mexico. Check with whoever you go to what time zone they work off.

How much will I pay?

These prices were in December 2015 in USD
  • Exam, clean and x-rays $25
  • Deep clean (needles and cleaning below gum) $150 per quadrant
  • Root canal $250
  • Crown $200
Payments by cash or USA check (cheque)

Waiting Times

  • A week in between a deep clean and a crown
  • It might take a week to get an appointment to have a deep clean after your first examination
  • You will need 3 appointments for the crown – I’m assuming one is for the initial mold, then a test, then the real thing – the last two can be done a day apart

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