Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Abbey on the Island

Mont St Michel

While I felt I was getting better in Epernay, I suffered a relapse the following day. Our B&B was in a perfect location, only a short walk into the town with a view of Mont St Michel from the carpark. The town of Mont St Michel is not much, just a few restaurants and hotels. There is a free shuttle bus that takes you out onto the causeway and we went after dinner to get some pictures of it lit up at night. Unfortunately it wasn’t high tide which would have been nice for the photos, but you can't always get all of your ducks in a row. The mud flats where too wet and sticky to go walking on, and since I read that it can be like quicksand, I decided to stay on the bridge.

Looking up

Pontorson is the nearest town of a decent size, it's a lovely old town with many shops, restaurants etc. We were getting worried about our colds; we had antibiotics but things didn’t seem to be improving, so we went to the pharmacy and added to our growing medicine cabinet.

A narrow very touristy walk up to the Abbey
During the day we decided to brave the crowds and go up and see the Abbey on the island. There is only one cobbled street lined with shops which is quite narrow. There are a lot of steps leading up to the Abbey but we just didn’t have the stamina to get all the way to the top, which was such a shame.

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