Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cute fluffy things

After two weeks in Waterton we head into Alberta, Canada

We head to Calgary to catch up with a few friends Shirley and Frank and Michelle.

Testing my new macro in Shirley's garden

A barn just up the road from Shirley's
While staying at Shirley's we had a massive storm come through. It had been a fairly warm night and I had the window open to get a breeze, but wind came up and the venetians started rattling, so we shut it and pulled in the awning. Not long after at 3am a thunder clap boomed above our heads and then the stand-by light on the TV went out. The lightening hit the junction box at the end of the street. Phew, that was a close one.

Since it's been ages since we went out for dinner Lindsay embarks on a mission to find a good Indian restaurant. Frank and Michelle have never eaten Indian before and don't sound very enthusiastic. Trust me, says Lindsay. We get a tip from one of Frank's customers that Namskar was one the best Indian restaurant in Calgary. It was brilliant.

About an hour south of Calgary is Frank Lake which has a bird hide for the wetlands there.

Ruddy Duck

One way to make sure your chick doesn't get lost - Eared Grebe
We went to Kananaskis to see if we could find some grizzlies, but only saw a collared one, so Lindsay photographed Pika's instead. The campground at Eau Claire provided wonderful shade and gave us some lovely time to relax.

Winter feed

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