Thursday, 12 February 2015

House sitting on Vancouver Island

Our house sitting on Vancouver Island is coming to a close. A big thank you to Cameron and Christine, we really have appreciated it. We met a lovely family next door who have taken us in like their own children and we have become friends with their children too. We even spent Christmas with them. We got to see some great renovation and property shows on HGTV which I am going to miss, it was the International relocation show gave us the idea to go to Mexico next winter! We have also seen some great movies and TV shows on Netflix, something we can't subscribe to on our measly 6GB per month of WiFi. The guys at the gate house said they are so glad we are leaving considering that we have been so much trouble!

We had a couple of days of snow
The weather is sort of starting to warm up, most days are around 10ºC. We have enjoyed our time here but have itchy feet to get back on the road again. I can't wait until I can complain about the sun waking us up early or it still being light when we go to bed, or that we are too hot! At least it's not dark at 4pm now, sunset is now at 5:30pm! The squirrels are scampering around, they seem to have come out of hibernation or wherever they have been. Even the deer on the golf course are enjoying the sun.

Here are some pictures of our time here:

When we first arrived, Lindsay would get up early and to down to Goldstream Provincial park to look for the bear that would be there around 7am. He would swoop his paw down into the water to try and catch some fish.

Down the end of our street is a Manley Creek Provincial Park, there are a few wooden bridges that span over the creek until it reaches the sea. You can walk right down to the pebbly beach.

There haven't been that many sunny days, but this was one of the rare occasions to so we went exploring to Honeymoon Bay, there is a wildflower walk, but of course it's the wrong time of year for the flowers.

We took a couple of trips off the island over to the mainland, which entails driving an hour, waiting an hour to put the truck onto the ferry, then a 1.5 hour ferry ride. There are a number of routes to the mainland, so now we've done Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay and back, Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen and back and our last one will be from Victoria to Port Angeles in the US. We have to get there 90 minutes before sailing as we have to go through US customs on the Canadian side - you could imagine the chaos if everyone went through immigration when they get off the boat on the other side.

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