Friday, 6 June 2014

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

The Devil’s Tower is a large rock in the middle of nowhere; there are numerous theory's about how it was formed, but I don't think they've settled on one. Many people climb it and even though they are asked to refrain for the month of June because of Indian traditions, some people like the ones we saw, still do. 

The day we arrived, the weather closed in, which we don’t mind as it’s a good excuse to catch up on a few things and veg out. We are in the National Monument’s campground which is really nice – lots of green trees and grass. There is a walk and talk at 10am led by a university student who is paid by the park which was interesting.

Black tailed prairie dogs are everywhere all around here, they even close one of the campground loops at a certain time of the year as they move in there!


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