Friday, 13 September 2013

Looking for Moose in Jasper

Unlike our previous trip to Jasper, the weather was divine. 27-29C with sunny blue skies and not many mosquitoes. The campground we had planned on staying in was closed as the summer season had finished and all the electric and full hook up sites were taken in the campground we had stayed in before. But as we are self sufficient we were able to take a non serviced site, which was really nice and even though we could have got another site on the third night, we decided to stay where we were. We got caught by the time zone thing again and didn’t realise until the second day that we had been putting our generator on at the wrong times the previous day. Jasper is in Alberta and we were another hour ahead.

We went looking for moose in a couple of places and even hiked the 3.5kms around moose lake, but you guessed it, no moose! The visitors’ centre has a book that people write wild life sightings in and there were a few entries for moose and bears but not many. We saw a coyote walking along the road, but it quickly went into the forest.

Back in British Columbia, back an hour on the clock and we start heading south to Seattle. We picked a spot just north of the city and by absolute fluke and not good planning, it turns out it’s just where we need to be. We had ordered new reading glasses for Lindsay in Fairbanks and had them sent to Marysville, WA. There was also a branch of the place we had originally bought the air bags from, so we took back the broken one and the rest of the new package and got a complete refund. The Seattle Outlet stores are next door and we go to our favourite shop Columbia.

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