Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Santa's House

Haines to Fairbanks

The road between Haines Junction and Port Alcan was probably the worst we have had on the whole trip. It’s the end of the Canadian section of the Alcan and I guess they just give up on it. It has a number of gravel sections with a couple of 15km stretches, lots of potholes in the bitumen and permafrost which sinks, tilts or raises the bitumen that makes it very hard to go at a reasonable speed when you are towing as you can end up all over the place. As soon as you go over the border, even the gravel bits are better!

Back through US customs again. We thought we’d get off lightly as we had a bit of traffic behind us as we had just been through roadworks. But we couldn’t fit under the overhang above the normal vehicles section and had to go around the side to the commercial vehicles, so there was no-one behind us. Because we now have all the answers to the usual questions down pat with direct specific answers and no extra information, he had to come up with some new ones to annoy us with. We were asked three times when we were leaving the US. Guess they don’t really want us here…. LOL

Today was moose day, we saw two mothers and their babies and one by itself.

We visited Santa’s house at the North Pole which was kind of fun, and I bought some socks with reindeers on them, which are very cute. I had no idea such a place existed. I met my own moose there!

Santa's house, North Pole Alaska 

We are in Fairbanks, the most northern town we will go in Alaska. They are having their hottest summer on record, tomorrow will mark the third day of 28C. It is glorious.

To get satellite TV up here you need two satellite dishes to bounce off each other because of the way the earth curves at this point. We sat outside with Bill and Michelle at 11pm last night and it was the as if it was still 4pm, it is so light up here!

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