Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Oregon Coast, OR

Next stop – Oregon. We had heard that the Oregon coast was really nice but again we encountered fog and someone had turned off the heating. I found a lovely spot to the east of Brookings, which isn't on the beach, which meant it was warmer - Alfred Loeb State Park. We hadn't been there half an hour when a lovely couple from north of Napa Valley invited us to dinner. Americans are so hospitable. All the campgrounds in Oregon are really good. The sites are well laid out, there is shrubbery to give you some privacy from your neighbour, hot showers that you don't have to scrounge around looking for quarters for that also allow you to move more than a few inches in each direction! and clean restrooms. The weather is just perfect - not too hot, not too cold (unless you go on the beach), sun, blue skies and a slight breeze.

We moved up the coast and stayed at Humbug State Park and William Tugman State Park, both have trails close to the campground. Nehalem Bay has a the Beeswax shipwreck. The state park campgrounds are very busy on the weekends, and a couple of times there were signs saying they were booked out, but we would ask and they would still have one or two spots. Being in a small van helped as we could get into all the spots.

We have organised ourselves a bit more and have booked our accommodation in San Francisco and Sequoia NP and our tour of Alcatraz.

Highway overlook

Shipwreck at Nehalem Beach

Campgrounds along the coast
Alfred A Loeb SP $20 - nice, electric and water all sites, free hot showers, AT&T doesn't really work
Humbug Mountain SP $17 nice, unpowered site, but they do have powered ones in the middle
William Tugman SP $20 - nice, electric and water all sites, showers, AT&T works well, large sites
Sutton State Park $21 - no power. Wouldn't go there again.
South Beach $21, luke warm showers, very busy, large park
Fort Stevens $27. Crowded, no privacy, you have to walk through other campsites to get to the restrooms. 
Nehalem Bay $24. Nice, good showers, electric, AT&T works well, nice walk to the beach
Cape Lookout $19 + $8 booking fee. Horrible showers, no protection from the wind where we were, you would need a site away from the beach.
KOA RV Park Lincoln City - we had to book in as it was the weekend and the state parks are full. $37 for a tent site.

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