Beginner's guide to night photography

Most of my favourite photographs are ones that have been taken in low light or at night. While I don't profess to be an expert. This is what I do:

What you will need:
a camera, in this case I am using a DSLR with a lens hood (to block out any side on lights)a tripod or walla remote shutter release or you can use your camera's 2s self timer Settings: It is all about getting the right amount of light into your sensor. You will use time, the size of the aperture and ISO to get it right.
ISO: 100-160 Mode: M for manual Aperture: decide on the amount of depth of field you want. If you want the subject in focus and the background blurry - go wide such as f/2.8. If you want everything in focus somewhere between f/8-f/13. Anything aperture smaller than f/13 will make the lights sparkle. These are the higher numbers, yes its confusing. Think of it like this: the higher the number you go, the smaller the hole becomes and the less light will get to the sensor, so the longer you will need to…

Island of the long white cloud

I was pretty excited when I got an email from Qantas about a New Zealand sale. Air New Zealand was too and we got two return tickets for $715. I'm sure we paid around that price 33 years ago when we went there on our honeymoon!

New Zealand is a beautiful country and it doesn't take that long to drive anywhere. I had found a website called inafarawayland written by a Polish girl who worked in New Zealand. She has published a number of itineraries and photography spots to choose from, plus she takes stunning photographs.
Landscape photography is not Lindsay's passion, so two weeks would be enough he decided especially when fishing season starts again in December. I thought an RV would be a good mode of transport, so that if I was off photographing he could have a nap, cup of tea or watch a movie. For such a short period I concentrated on the South Island only.
I bought the Wikicamps app for NZ before I found out that most people use the Rankers app which is free and seems to…